Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bunny Army

Snow in the forecast Sunday into Monday, so March's balmy lamb is going out with teeth and claw.  Yet, my lilac tentatively opens its leaves, the hyacinth bloom in the shelter of the spruce, the daffodil fill out their buds before bursting into lionine heads.  Chickweed and dead nettle flowers feed the early pollinators.  I leave them in the garden, except in the raised beds at school where we've planted beets and transplanted strawberries.  Snow or no snow, spring is coming!

Here's an annual favorite of mine.  I've been growing arugula and pea micro greens, which I will add to the "bunny bed" when I make this next week.  My two barred Plymouth Rocks are laying again, and I hope the white Araucana will bless us with her blue eggs.  

March 17th Rainbow

It's been a lot of things at once in my life, good and bad, at work and at home, and with friends.  I've been overwhelmed.  Yet, the sun shines and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow comes.  I may put off planting today, but I will go outside.  Time is precious.  Every day should be lived alive.

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