Saturday, November 26, 2016

15 Minute Field Trips™ FUNdraiser!!!

15 Minute Field Trips™ FUNdraiser!!!

15 Minute Field Trips creates environmental literacy programs, combining Art with STEM, training teachers, reaching out to families, organizing school and camp events, and running a blog and website of free resources.  We need your help to publish a "15 Minute Field Guide", update my used camera, replace expendables such as bird seed and art materials, continue offering free hand-outs at events, renew our Creative Cloud subscription to make the best publications possible, and have other funds for research and travel.  We regularly have "15 Minute Field Trips™" with various classrooms, exploring the schoolyard in search of leaf or seed varieties, evidence of tracks, scat, and shelter, raising caterpillars we find, and planting and harvesting healthy vegetables.  This past year, we had our first field trip outside of the school, partnering with BLCT and ASRI to learn about the fauna of Annawamscutt Creek and help monitor and protect its water quality.  Help us continue this work by attending our event or donating now!


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