Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nuthatch and Junco and Titmouse, Oh My!

Winter Bird Count:

It's that time of year I really start paying attention to my bird feeder.  I now have two seed feeders and two suet feeders that I filled yesterday, just before the snow.  All day the snow fell, and I watched, as eight tiny snow birds rushed in to eat.  These small gray birds with white bellies are also called juncos and migrate here from the north.  Would I see my other favorites?

A downy woodpecker stopped in at the suet feeder.  I put peanut butter in both, as they seem to especially like it.  That was at 8:34 in the morning, the snow falling gently.  By 3:05 in the afternoon the snow was falling heavier, but two cardinals made there way over, flying back and forth between the feeder and the lilac bush and the pear tree I planted to give them more cover.  There were now 11 juncos  between the tree, shrub, ground, and feeder, a very nervous tufted titmouse, and a returning downy woodpecker.

I looked again the next morning, at 7:35.  The snow had stopped.  House finches danced around, the males' red wings bright against the white all around.  Perched in the lilac were two mourning doves and I found myself singing a familiar Christmas tune.  Nine junco pecking...five house finch frolic...two mourning doves, and titmouse in a pear tree...


I got to try out my new 75-300 zoom lens and it was a whole new world over last year.  The titmouse did not stay still long and getting the lens to focus took time.  I will try a tripod later, but I was happy to get a few close-up shots of my visitors.  The chickadee, bluejays, and pair of nuthatch showed up late, and my camera's battery was fading.  Then a squirrel showed up and they all flew back into the trees.

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