Soil Structure

Great Lessons Below:

• See the layers of soil at calculate percentages of each with this At Home Soil Structure Test.

Check your numbers with this key to determine your soil texture:

• Dirt vs. Soil

Soil Structure Video  (includes farming practices)

The Science of Soil 30 page lesson plan download.

Kiss the Ground (soil sustainability movie)

Interactive page:

K-12 Soil Science for Teachers including quick Powerpoints on:

• See the importance of soil porosity with Dirt Investigations.

• Make an Aquifier.

• Just Passing Through: Soil and Water Relationships with PH Testing
• Make a water filter.  (Extension: measure volume and weight of water before and after processes.)

• Make kinetic sand and create a landscape to show the effects of water on land formation and erosion.  More recipes here and here.  Augmented Reality Sandbox topographical map here.

Extensions:  Test difference soil parts by separating materials between identical bottles and timing how long it takes water to pass through.  Make a bar graph of different levels of clarity in filtered water.  Discuss lead in water and the effect in Flint, MI.

Deep Look: Sand video.

Soil Structure video. (Pre-K-2)

Soil and Nature Systems video. (3-6)

Tilling and Bees:

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