Owl Pellets - Food Chain Investigation

This chart and more here.

Owls have a very interesting way to eat:  They swallow rodents, shrews, even other birds whole, then regurgitate a "pellet" of the fur, feathers, and bones.  You can get sanitized, wrapped pellets from Pellet.com and they will come with a large poster and bone guide as seen below.  We broke up the pellet carefully by scraping it with a toothpick ("forensic science tool") over a paper plate.

Students matched bones with actual-size guide.
Pile of bones!

Comparing skulls.

Now for the forensics: 

What did the owl eat?  

What evidence did you use?  

Which bones were the easiest to identify?  

Which the hardest?  

Which were the smallest?  

Which the largest?  

Did anything surprise you?
Find images on the food web like this one and more here.

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