Blackstone Park Programs

6 Week Art & Nature Summer Program at Blackstone Park:
Each day will feature a “field trip” to different areas of the park,
an art activity, and a game or other activity based on these themes:
animal detectives, insects, birds, turtles, tree i.d., and life under logs.

Cost: $250 for six weekly sessions (includes $10 materials fee), payable by check to "15 Minute Field Trips" or through Paypal.

Registration here.

Scholarship Application here. Email forms to

Weekly health waivers can be found here.

COVID 19 Protocols:

1. Check in and pick up at table one at a time in line six feet apart and
wearing a mask.  You will need to turn in this health waiver
each week verifying that your child has no fever or contagious illness.  

2. On day one, we will decorate a collection and supply bag they will bring
with them each week.  

3. Pencils, crayons, clipboards, modeling clay, chalk, and hand lenses will
be kept in this bag with your child’s name and are only for that child’s use.
($10 materials fee.)

4. Face masks worn at all times except when needing food or drink in
socially distant spaces.

5. Food and drink will not be shared and must be enjoyed in their assigned
hoop area.

6. Bug spray and sunblock must be applied before camp by home caregiver.

7. Hula hoops with your child’s name will designate their activity area and
the supplies your child uses during activities.

8. All equipment and materials will be sanitized between uses.

9. 6-10 foot space maintained.  You may bring a beach towel or cushion to sit on.

WEEK ONE: Animal Detectives

ART: Design a reusable bag to use to collect and store items and supplies.  
You will also get your hand lens on a lanyard, clip board, and art supplies.

15MFT Animal Detective: Using hand lenses and a scavenger list on clipboard,
we will look for evidence of shelters (nests,holes, galls, etc.), food remains
(chewed leaves, acorns), tracks (in mud) and scat (animal waste).  They will
draw what they find and write notes.  We will share our findings in the hoop circle. 

EVIDENCE: Examine robin egg and nest, cicada exoskeleton, galls, snake
skin, and animal skulls, all contained in clear plastic containers that will be
sanitized between handlers.  Draw what you see! 


WEEK TWO: Insects

15MFT Bug Hunt: Individual bug catchers and nets.  We will play a bug i.d.
game with sorted, sanitized plastic insects, do an insect part song, and look
for bugs around the park.  Collected insects can be matched to laminated cards. 
I will let all insects go.

ART: Make a mantis or walking stick from cardboard tube and sticks. 

Library: Choose two books to read or explore.  We’ll have field guides and short
kids in nature fiction.  Draw/write in your nature journal.

GAME: Hoop wars.  Take your hoop and place it on a random space on the
ground (6 ft. or more away from others).  Count how many ants you find.  Play
several rounds to see who finds the most!



15MFT: Look and listen for birds. Identify by sight and sound.  Look for nests in

ART: Look at the nest collection and visuals.  Build a “nest” from found nature

GAME: Owl detective. Guess the owl by listening to descriptive clues.

ART: Bird Feeder (seeds and Crisco on a tube with yarn, taken home in paper
bag) Track visitors at home!

ART 2: Build a Bird: Design your own bird, choosing a beak and feet based on
their functions. Describe to the group what your bird eats based on its beat and
how it gets around based on its feet.


WEEK FOUR: Turtles and Water

ART: Draw a turtle and design its shell. (Step-by-step, crayon.)  Learn about
turtles at the park and how they stay safe.

BOOK: Tudley Didn’t Know  by John Himmelman

15MFT: Bring supplies/sketchbook, and look for turtles at York and Hockey
pond. Discuss what threats turtles face (pollution, litter, cars, humans,
predators).  How can they help?

ART 2: Draw turtle crossing with chalk on sidewalk.


WEEK FIVE: Life Under Logs

15MFT: Discuss what animals might be found under a log.  Learn about parts of
a worm, a pill bug, a spider, and a red-backed salamander.  Discuss safety
(poison ivy, leaving animals alone).  Explore the park under supervision, looking
under logs the teacher rolls back and carefully returns.   

BOOK: A Worm’s Life or Diary of a Worm.

ART: Compost menu. Design a menu for Blind Lemon Nightcrawler, deep
underground jazz worm.

15MFT: Examine pillbug at hoop, learning all its parts.

BOOK: A Pillbug’s Life by John Himmelman

ART 2: Draw a log habitat with several animals and fallen leaves.


WEEK SIX: Trees and Climate Change

ART: Tree “Selfie” - Draw a tree with trunk, branches, leaves, bark, and roots. 
Learn how each part functions and can help mitigate climate change.

15MFT: Look at broadleaf and coniferous trees.  Collect leaves and needles. 
Use guide books to identify them and sketch and write in their journal.

Discuss trees as habitat and anything else they learned over the 6 weeks.


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