Ladybug Lifecycle

Coming Soon!  I have a lot of pages to update, but if you have a particular interest in this one, please comment below and I will get to it sooner.   Here's plants to attract ladybugs.  I also recommend tansy.

Meanwhile...Check out these two instars of the ladybug, getting close to its final molt and adult stage.  These were found on a tansy, which is one plant that will attract them to lay eggs on.  Some more found on other plants that most likely had aphids on them with the eggs were laid.  All photos by Melissa Guillet.


Early instar.

Dewey ladybug on chamomile.  Ladybugs do like nectar
in addition to scale bugs and aphids.

This ladybug finds a buffet of black aphids on a rhubarb stalk.

Mating ladybugs.

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