Programs and Workshops

Welcome!  We are now offering 90 minute live programs for up to 12 participants as well as several 45-90 minute virtual programs. 

NEW 45 to 90 minute programs (kits available):

Animal Detectives: Learn how to look for and identify tracks, scat, food remains, shelters, and more, collect data, and assess the biodiversity of your site.  Grades 3 and up.

Seed Detectives: Uncover the mystery of how seeds get around! Prep for a scavenger hunt, sort your findings, draw the shapes and patterns, and save your seeds! PreK-2nd.

Trees & Climate Change: Identify trees and tree parts. Learn their role and function in climate change mitigation, the value of trees, trees as habitat, native vs. non-native/invasive, and more.  Includes scavenger hunts, “crazy crayons” for leaf rubbing, leaf detectives station (galls, bites, skeletonized, and spotted), and tree selfie station. All ages.

NEW Webinars:

Citizen Science: Get ideas for citizen science YOU can do at home or with your class, from biodiversity audits, phenology, weather reporting, bee i.d., and more.
Creating Habitats: Make the most of your schoolyard or backyard with a few tweaks to bring more wildlife in by providing food, water, shelter, and breeding space.
Milkweed and More: Milkweed supports more than just monarchs.  Learn all about this amazing plant, its parts and life cycle, and the many animals that interact with it day and night.  Drawing activity, lecture, videos, and games.
Mysterious Mushrooms: Decomposers, secret talkers, super moochers, oh my!  Fungus interact with so much of life on earth.  Learn their roles in the environment while you go on a colorful and bizarre journey of mushrooms of the Northeast.

Click on the images below for more offerings and details.  Contact for bookings and questions.

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