Worms and Compost

How do worms move?  What do they eat?  How do they breathe or see?  How many hearts do they have?  How can you tell if they're a boy or a girl?  (They're both!)  Where do they come from?  (They are not originally from North America!)  Learn all about the Adventures of Herman the Worm here.  (Also available in Spanish.)

Recommended Books: An Earthworm's Life by John Himmelman
                                     Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin


Interview a Worm: Use a brown sock with a pink felt "collar" as a puppet and the interview sheet below.

Go on the Adventures of Herman the Worm anatomy or deli to learn with your class.  Print out anatomy sheets and label them.  Draw their habitat and/or favorite foods!  Try out the Fun Place activities!

Powerpoint here.
Printable activities here and English/Spanish activity here.

Start and maintain a worm bin:
Resources: Do the Rot Thing - How to Compost, Data Collection Sheets, Scavenger Hunts, More!
                   Uncle Jim's Worm Farm - Worm Bins, Live Worms, Info
                   Worm Ladies of Charelston, RI - School/Event Visits, Master
                   Gardener Credits, More!

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