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Lesson Idea: Fossils, "Fossil Fuels", and Carbon
Rocks, Fossils, and Climate Change - 
Rock Sort: Identify and sort rocks into sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic (and organic, such as amber).  Use labeled trays and guides such as DK.
Fossil Making: Roll out gray or earth-toned modeling clay. Press in shells, plastic dinosaurs, or plastic aquarium plants. Cover with second clay slab and roll together "sediments". Carefully remove top layer to reveal "fossil". You can also get fossil rubbing plates and rub with flat side of crayon on copy paper cut to size.
Rock Art: Paint or use Sharpie/paint pens to create inspiring designs and messages on rocks for someone to find! Use colorful chalk (limestone/calcium carbonate/sedimentary/shells) to draw on dark paper, getting inspiration from Anasazi petroglyphs to tell fantastic stories through various lines.

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