Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Earth Day: One More Thing

Earth Day has come and gone, but isn't EVERY day earth day?

Here's a list of 10 "one more things" you can do to help the earth (and our own species):

1. Take a reusable shopping bag to every store you shop at.

2. Return plastic bags to grocery, pharmacy, or department store, including packaging from foods.

3. Buy unpackaged foods as much as possible, using a mesh bag for vegetables, etc.

4. Use a reusable travel mug and water bottle.

5. Wear a sweater instead of turning the heat up and open windows at night to reduce using A/C during the day.

6. Vacuum under your fridge, keep your freezer full, and your fridge clean to save more energy.

7. Cook at home and compost plant food waste.

8. Recycle all paper (except freezer packages), plastic containers, unbroken glass containers, and metal/aluminum containers.  Key word is containers.  No coat hangers, light bulbs, scrap metal, etc.

9. Take coat hangers, light bulbs, scrap metal, old paint, and batteries to a disposal center.  In RI, that's Eco-Depot on Saturdays.

10. Don't flush old medications!  Take them to drop-off boxes, often at police stations and post offices.

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