Thursday, February 2, 2017

Imagine this:  You have a school garden, a summer camp, a scout group, an after-school program, and you don't know a lot about the animals and plants all around.  What do you do?  15 Minute Field Trips has been providing educational resources through its website, blog, and workshops.  Now we want to create a field guide with easy-to-use infographics that tell you all about the outside world!  

There'll be a page on ant behaviors your group can look for, all the wonderful facts and uses of dandelions, how seeds travel, how to identify native bees, what's a host plant, what can moss and lichen tell us, how do detrivores work, why goldenrod is a good plant and NOT an allergen, how to look for animal clues, what's the deal with food webs, can caterpillars be raised indoors and released as butterflies and moths, how many life forms inhabit an oak tree, can you find an insect from all 12 orders, and much, much more!

This guide requires more research, a better camera, time, and your financial help!  Besides our GoFundMe site, we are having a gala where you can try out, bid on, and raffle for and possibly take home the above items and more!  It will be a great networking opportunity and great live, local music, games, and fun!

Tickets available for a limited time!!!

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